It was Athens, the wisest of Zeus's daughters, that had stuck a spear into the ground at the break of civilization, and the spear had turned into an olive tree... That's what the legend says. The ancient Romans believed the olive tree to be the first of all trees - prima omnium arborum. Likewise, in Christianity and in Judaism, the olive tree is considered a holy tree. The symbol of Mediterranean has been a timeless poets', painters', sculptors', and farmers' inspiration.

"... His crusified Jesus, his Pieta, as well as his sublime maidens and women of Brač draw any casual passer-by's and a true fastidious seeker's attention in love with beauty and perseverance with the olive tree, which is, and always will be, a true keepsake for the man of Brač, and his island."

prof. Ivo Ostoja

"Freeing the sculpture of its mechanicism, the author emphasizes the secret dynamics within it - the latent power of the material itself, yet preserving pure lines..."

prof. Mirko Sviben